Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

(Taken from a Review of God's Word which appeared in Catholic News & Commentary, May, 1999, by Steve Mahowald -- shown pictured below with Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.)

Several months ago a representative of MAETA (a private publishing concern) contacted us in regard to writing a review for the Second Edition of Fr. Paul Trinchard's book, God's Word. Without perhaps enough forethought I agreed to do the review.

The original work was written in 1984 and featured a foreword by Fr. Vince Miceli, S.J., one of the shining lights of the Society of Jesus during the years following the Council.

Like Fr. Trinchard, Fr. Miceli was a Jesuit who had undergone the vigorous Jesuit academic formation of yesteryear. In the foreword to this book, in reference to Fr. Trinchard's efforts to expose the scripture-frauds of the day, he wrote: "Throughout the ages in the history of mankind, the devil has enlisted thousands of human agents to continue his campaign of scriptural disinformation. The spectrum of biblical misinformation-experts runs from the Gnostics through Teilhard right up to (and including) the modern counterfeit exegetes who dishonestly discover the theology of liberation in the sacred writers and brazenly impose it on the faithful. These falsifiers, rejecting the supernatural substance of biblical texts, have invented a new creed whose branches so thick in the cultivation of their psycho-mythical imaginings that their crookedness has obliterated the face of God" After reading this I asked myself, "What could I possibly write that would be that good?"

Only two weeks ago I met Fr. Trinchard for the first time - and, while I had read God's Word, exactly what I could write about it, that would draw others to read it, seemed to elude me. Perhaps I had to meet Fr. Trinchard before what I felt inside could be expressed on paper.

To be sure, Fr. Trinchard is an intellectual - but he's not a snob. On the contrary, he has a warmth and humor that is captivating, yet he makes no bones about what he is all about. Fr. Trinchard believes in the things of the Church - in Her doctrines and in Her practice of the True Faith, and he has come to look at these things through the clear eyes of tradition. And, Fr. Trinchard is surely a liberal - but a liberal in the most complimentary sense, not one who disregards both the natural and defined Law of God in order to attempt to rewrite Holy Writ and afford license to the unconcerned.

What about God's Word? Well, as a non-academic, I was somewhat left with the wrong impression when reading Fr. Miceli's foreword. God's Word is not an academic work - it is a clear, concise, well organized and down-to-earth work which is accessible to everyman. I truly enjoyed God's Word and would recommend it to all Catholics who have, because of recent modernist claims, become confused about the exact place Sacred Scripture should hold in their hearts, in their minds, and in their beliefs. Fr. Trinchard masterfully uncovers the lies and deceit of the modernists who have attempted to re-write and re-translate the Bible to further their own agendas, and he lays open the Truth to which Sacred Scripture testifies. And all of this is accomplished in a language that average Catholic in the pew can understand. This is a book I highly recommend for all of our readers - it's one of those you will want to pass on to those around you who are facing the same struggles as are you.

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